Happy Birthday Again Daddy…

Today is my father’s birthday.

He would have been the grand old age of 90.

“Not so much of the ‘old’” he’d say!

He would have been a very lovely ninety at that!

He died six years ago yesterday the day before turning 84.

Daffodils will always remind me of him.


As he forgot himself he grew into the lovable gentleman he had been before responsibility of family and life hit.

Exactly six years ago – to the day – we were heading to Galveston on Spring Break.

Daughts is headed for Galveston on Spring Break this week too.

Has it really been six years already?

As each new innovation breaks through I think of him,

“Daddy would have loved to have been able to listen to his music on an iPhone, carry it from room to room, store all his music on something smaller than his wallet.”


“Wouldn’t Daddy have loved being able to snap a photo and text it to me…just like that…?”

No developing, enveloping and mailing, just two or three taps of a thumb and away it goes to bring a loved one into orbit.

In my mind Daddy missed a lot this year:

the moving of his film-maker grandson to follow his dreams in California

the building of a Tiny House by his self-suffiencent grandson and wife in full view on television,

the efficient and organizational skills of his teacher grand-daughter who guides a classroom of 6-12 years olds in style

the independence and talent of performing and star barista grand-daughter who delivers smooth lattes with leaps and bounds

And I miss him in my everyday.

His voice, his smile, his hug, his Old Spice smell and tea.

I love you Daddy, you still share my incredible life with me in my heart.

Forever 83.

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