Watch Cat…

Shads will growl.

I am amused by this because he does it in funny situations, for example when I’m filling up his large container of cat food, enough to keep the three of them going for 2 weeks, he’ll preside over the operation and then settle down to eat a few mouthfuls and growl at any cat that comes near!


Stay away…

I heard him growling while playing with two newly rescued favorite toys from under the oven, a ratty white mouse and a small fluffy red ball.  He had the ball in his mouth and was growling at the mouse, daring it to try to steal his ball of red fluff.  Warning of the risk of losing life and limb…he finally managed to snag the mouse and walked away with both toys in his mouth growling ferociously.

Animal Instinct gone awry!

One morning Shads was sitting in the hallway looking down the length of our house through the kitchen.  He could see our circular driveway and I could hear him growling.  I presumed Magic or Callie were doing something he disapproved of and I moved to witness the potential leap to incite a rough and tumble.

There was no other cat in sight, instead I saw a strange car pulling around our driveway and watched as someone got out with a package.

Shads’ growling grew louder and I patted him on the head,

“Good boy Shads,” I said, “It’s only Amazon Prime, no worries…but thank you for telling me!”  As if he could understand every word.  He wouldn’t stop growling until the car had driven off.

“We have a watch cat,” I told Hubs later.

“Good boy!” He said.

Another day I was preparing to go for an early morning walk and putting on my ear muffs using the mirror in my mantle piece to make sure I looked presentable for the country lane.

I heard a thrumming that sounded like the noise my phone makes when it is on silent and vibrating on a wooden surface.  I checked my phone which was on the kitchen table but there was no notification of a missed call.

I thought nothing of it until I heard the rumble again and looked out of our kitchen window to see a blue mini parked in our driveway.

Another Prime delivery!

When the lady alighted Shads raced from the living room French doors to the kitchen window to get a better look, growling fiercely, well, fiercely for a cat.

How cute is that?  I thought.

He not only rolls over to have his tummy rubbed,


A rubable belly

plays fetch with his toy mice,

brings his water bowl when it’s empty,


“Fill ‘er up Mum!”

is affectionate and sociable,

he also growls at strangers.  

“I’m almost expecting him to start barking,” I remarked to Hubs.

We both laughed at the idea!

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2018-01-10 15:55:17 Reply

Well he is of a royal line of felines! What do we expect? He’s intelligent.

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