News From Mistral October 15th-18th Trapani, Messina, Malta & Cagliari

Tuesday October 15th Trapani, Italy

Rehearsals until 12.

Napped until 630pm.

Magic shows.

There was a fight in the crew bar over the music being too loud. Okay, it is normally very loud and no one can speak because it is impossible to hear anyone. But tonight it was a Guns and Roses song and it was absolutely deafening. The barman went to tell the ‘DJ’ to turn it down. He did, but as soon as the barman left, he turned it up louder. Everyone was yelling and the barman went back over and unplugged the music. It started a huge argument; security came and shut the bar down. Everyone was saying, this is a bar, not a disco. I agreed in Portuguese (Abrigado)

Wednesday October 16th Messina, Italy

We had rehearsal until 12. Lunch for an hour, and then run at 1pm. We waited around until 130pm to even start, people here are so slow.

I was able to go out for an hour to get Internet, I sat in a nice little restaurant that closed 20 mins after I got there, but I was able to stay. I finally spoke with Mum and Dad after 5 days of no communication.

I am now injured because we had to do rehearsals, run, 2 shows then a run of Radio Show because the head Costa choreographer wanted to see it before she leaves tomorrow.  So full out!  We are only just now finishing and its 130am. My knees are screaming, my ankles are weak and now I have a sharp pain in my hip.

Thursday October 17th Malta

Guess who I met today???

Auntie Pam and Sean.


They picked me up at 930sm at the port, then we went driving around to the old capitol of Malta, it was on a hill. We saw a tree that looks like Jesus hanging on a cross. Then we had a cup of tea and an amazing piece of chocolate hazelnut torte.


They had to rush me back to the boat. I had lunch then took a nap. I was forced to go to rehearsal and watch, even though I can’t even walk. I basically napped, did laundry and hung around while they rehearsed.

I went and had tea and yoghurt in the staff mess with Javier. Then I went to the doctor about my hip. He was too busy grunting about something in Italian and basically just had the nurse give me an injection. It hurt way worse than the injury itself.

Security came and had to do an investigation about my injury. They asked me questions as to how it happened, the time, the place, what shoes I was wearing?

I then ate dinner and made myself a coke zero float. Everyone thought I was absolute bonkers.

I went to the gift shop to buy a big bag of Haribo sweets to make myself feel better.  I slept on and off until about 3am. Then I was out like a light.

Goodbye Malta!


Friday October 18th Cagliari, Italy

I woke up at 730am to go to the doctor. In the last 24 hours I have had 5 injections into my buttocks. I cannot feel the pain in my hip anymore because the injections hurt so badly that they are all I can feel! I can barely sit down without it hurting! And it’s both cheeks.

I got the day off, which means no Radio Show tonight, which for me is good but for the other dancers it is a hassle. They had to learn some new numbers to fill my spot and rearrange some dances. I felt kind of bad, but I cannot help being in pain. And there is no way I was going to dance on an injury.

I lay around all day, sleeping and just speaking with Javier. We were able to spend all day together which was nice because we know that in 2 weeks, we have to go to our separate countries.

He really makes my day so much better. I am the happiest I have ever been! I wake up with a smile on my face everyday. I am so thankful for him during this experience.


Frightened Rabbit is playing on my computer right now and it brings back such sweet memories.

I just had my first massage. The masseuse is an Indonesian and he came to my cabin. He spent an hour and a half massaging me. It was very painful. But felt so good! He pressed on pressure points that were so painful!! That I didn’t know I had! My calves were cramping. Leechie, of course, was in the cabin and taking up so much space! It wasn’t very peaceful with her there. But she eventually got the hint and left.

It didn’t help that the whole time he was giving me a massage I had to go pee!  I couldn’t fully relax otherwise it would have been a disaster!

I went to crew bar, they were having Retro Party. All I wanted to do was say goodnight to Javier and buy a coke. The look on Anuska, Vanessa and Gustavo’s face was as if I had just walked in butt naked. They told me I wasn’t allowed to be there, but all I wanted to do was get a coke. For real? I was so annoyed. I didn’t even buy a coke. I left. It’s shocking that I can’t even step foot outside my cabin because I have an injury.  These people, these rules, this life is ridiculous. I have no idea how people can do it for 6 and 7 years! 

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