News From Mistral October 9th-11th, Naples, Civitavecchia & Cagliari.

Wednesday October 9th Napoli, Italy

We are in the same port as a Holland America ship which looks really fancy and sleek.

Yesterday, backstage, during the shows, we were waiting for the phone to ring (for Peter, the stage manager, to ask if we were ready to start) and the ringer was broken. So we had to watch the phone because when it ‘rang’ it displayed a red light. Peter, in his good but foreign English, said ‘it could be a little louder, it’s a bit intimate’.

When I take a shower and wash my hair loads of it falls out sometimes. Well I forgot to clean it out of the shower drain and Leechie told me off! I almost said to her, ‘if you want to start listing off things that bother you, I’ve got a looooooong list for you!’ but I didn’t.

I am in a lot of pain. My whole body aches. But I will be okay. However we had rehearsals and warm up and meetings all day so I didn’t get to sleep or even go off ship.  Roman was the only one who was allowed to go off which didn’t seem fair to me at all.

We had an amazing Caesar salad, man that dressing was delicious!!

Mitos did not go very well, Roman blanked out during our partner work section and just didn’t lift me, needless to say the choreographer, Vanessa, who is currently onboard, was not very happy about it.

I spoke with Ana Palencia about me going home and she told me one thing and the crew purser told me another. I am still not very clear on the whole situation, do I have to pay for my ticket or will they?

I went upstairs to ‘Latin Night’ but didn’t stay long because I was so exhausted. At 130am we had a meeting with Bori in the crew mess. Leechie started to argue with her, surprise, surprise!

Thursday October 10th Civitavecchia, Italy

I woke up at 815am again in order to start rehearsals at 9am. We learnt a new number, Bori let us finish around 10, and I literally had my bag in my hands headed out the gangway when she told me I couldn’t go off board.   Ana Palencia wanted us to rehearse all day! So we went to the Disco to work.  Everyone was in a terrible mood and Leechie kept fighting again.

I ate some lunch then had a coffee with most of the entertainment staff. I went out alone just to get some internet, I had a beer and sat in the café that I was in last time.  I managed to call home.  I stayed for about an hour and it was good. Then I came back on board and slept until 7pm.

The ship is moving a lot but we don’t have a show tonight so that’s good for us!

Sergi had a birthday party in his cabin, we had sangria!

Then we went upstairs for Carnival, the 3 of us girls dressed up as cats!


It was very fun!

Friday October 11th Cagliari, Italy

No going out today. We had a warm up at 930am, then we didn’t get a break until 12:40pm. I had 20 minutes to eat and relax before rehearsal on stage. Then we did a full run of Radio Show. It was absolutely exhausting! Afterwards I learned Natural Women with Leechie, I wanted to shoot her.

Javier is sick, stuffy nose and sore throat. It’s no good, but he won’t go to the doctor because the doctor went to medical school in a mini-mall and is apparently a jerk!  But hey, medicine is medicine whoever dispenses it!

I am absolutely exhausted with all this extra work, which we really should have been doing all along!  My body hates me!  The ship started to move a whole lot, which was no bueno for us because of Radio Show. However our performances were not too bad.  I messed up things that I have never messed up before, my brain is just shutting down!

After the shows we had White Party in the disco, it was a lot of fun despite being very packed and hot!

I’m so happy to have pretty flowers in my cabin to cheer me up!  Do you like my vase?


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